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My Top Photos From 2011

Judging from my Lightroom catalog, here are my photo totals for 2011:

Weddings & engagements: 42,060
Surfing: 4,859 (2311 of those are from Salt Creek)
Hockey: 2,476
Travel: 5,623 (3484 of those are from Nicaragua)
Music: 3,984
Apple: 2,472 (mainly shot & edited video rather than photo)

Days spent on the computer editing photos & videos…? Too. Damn. Much.

Scotty boy spreadin’ out like an eagle, Nicaragua backdrop in all its’ glory.


Rivas, Nicaragua – Although I traveled to Nicaragua to shoot some tasty surfing action in the wonderful 80 degree water, this photo surfaced as my favorite from the trip.


Newport Beach, CA – Two surfers paddle back into the lineup to catch a few more waves as the last remaining light of the day fades into the horizon.


Yosemite, CA – Every photo editor will tell you that you need some kind of connect with the photograph for it have some kind of impact on the viewer; there’s nothing better than a pair of eyes starting straight into your soul.


Laguna Beach, CA – Deonte & Danielle engagement session. Someone recently told me I shouldn’t shoot into the sun. I said, “Watch me!” Rules are made to be broken.


Newport Beach, CA – Sunset surfer.


Oak Canyon Nature Center // Anaheim, CA – Ryan & Michelle’s Wedding. I had this shot in my head before I arrived at the location.¬†Artists who have a vision and can capitalize on it are a rare breed these days.


Laguna Beach, CA – My friend Vanessa wanted a portrait shoot for her, her Grandmother, and her sister. Sadly, her Grandmother passed away shortly after this picture was taken from cancer. 2011 also marked the year that my girlfriend battled with cancer as well. This shot has become sacred to me.


Yosemite, CA – Winter will always be my favorite time of the year to shoot Yosemite because of pictures like this.


Salt Creek, CA – Although it doesn’t look like it, this surfer is not more than 2 feet from me. Shooting fisheye in the water housing means you need to be right up in the action, literally.