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My Top Photos From 2011

Judging from my Lightroom catalog, here are my photo totals for 2011:

Weddings & engagements: 42,060
Surfing: 4,859 (2311 of those are from Salt Creek)
Hockey: 2,476
Travel: 5,623 (3484 of those are from Nicaragua)
Music: 3,984
Apple: 2,472 (mainly shot & edited video rather than photo)

Days spent on the computer editing photos & videos…? Too. Damn. Much.

Scotty boy spreadin’ out like an eagle, Nicaragua backdrop in all its’ glory.


Rivas, Nicaragua – Although I traveled to Nicaragua to shoot some tasty surfing action in the wonderful 80 degree water, this photo surfaced as my favorite from the trip.


Newport Beach, CA – Two surfers paddle back into the lineup to catch a few more waves as the last remaining light of the day fades into the horizon.


Yosemite, CA – Every photo editor will tell you that you need some kind of connect with the photograph for it have some kind of impact on the viewer; there’s nothing better than a pair of eyes starting straight into your soul.


Laguna Beach, CA – Deonte & Danielle engagement session. Someone recently told me I shouldn’t shoot into the sun. I said, “Watch me!” Rules are made to be broken.


Newport Beach, CA – Sunset surfer.


Oak Canyon Nature Center // Anaheim, CA – Ryan & Michelle’s Wedding. I had this shot in my head before I arrived at the location. Artists who have a vision and can capitalize on it are a rare breed these days.


Laguna Beach, CA – My friend Vanessa wanted a portrait shoot for her, her Grandmother, and her sister. Sadly, her Grandmother passed away shortly after this picture was taken from cancer. 2011 also marked the year that my girlfriend battled with cancer as well. This shot has become sacred to me.


Yosemite, CA – Winter will always be my favorite time of the year to shoot Yosemite because of pictures like this.


Salt Creek, CA – Although it doesn’t look like it, this surfer is not more than 2 feet from me. Shooting fisheye in the water housing means you need to be right up in the action, literally.

  • Melissa Mercado - A fine year indeed. What a great reflection of talent and artistry. Thank you for your inspiration. Can’t wait to see next year!ReplyCancel

    • Chaz - Thanks Melissa! I miss you lots. Glad to see you are shooting and blogging your art as well. =)ReplyCancel

  • Adriana Iris - these are truly great.ReplyCancel

    • Chaz - @Adriana, @Phill, @Santosh – Thanks so much for your compliments! Hope you had a good 2011 as well.ReplyCancel

  • Phill Swanson - Absolutely incredible shots!ReplyCancel

  • Santosh - very nice shots.. keep the spirits highReplyCancel

  • David Leland Hyde - It is always fun to view genres of photography other than landscape because I like to branch into other areas in my own photography too. I’m the son of pioneer landscape photographer Philip Hyde, a student and teaching associate of Ansel Adams and Edward Weston. I’ve been around photography all my life. When I was a kid I had huge surfing posters on my walls and dabbled in surfing later while I lived in San Diego and San Luis Obispo. I always wondered who was lucky enough to be the photographer, or unlucky enough when a huge wave came. Even though your surfing photos are of course top notch, my favorites here are the one from Nicaragua, the Yosemite Wolf and the Engagement Session. My father used to photograph into the sun too. He may have been one of the first to do so. As Edward Weston said in regard to composition, “Rules are made to be broken.”ReplyCancel

  • Chaz - @David – Your father was definitely a pioneer, that’s for sure. Coming from primarily a film background as opposed to digital, I can truly appreciate his craft from a place others have never ventured, and will never venture.

    When I was little, I never even thought about shooting surfing. I always told myself, “Ah, I’ll leave that to the crazy ones.” The older I have gotten, however, has taught me the importance of sacrifice in a photograph, that’s for sure. For every decent surfing shot I have captured (which isn’t much), not only were there hundreds of other shots that were flat out awful, but moreso, hundreds of other waves that ate me up, chewed me off, and spit me back up.

    Just last week my surfing buddies had to drag me out of the water because of a storm that came rolling in and presented itself with some dangerous riptides. Without a doubt I’ve seen my share of dangerous accidents along with the few happy accidents associated with shooting from within the water.

    Weston has been one of my few admirers. He can tell a million different stories just from a single photograph. It’s haunting.

    Thank you for your comment, David.ReplyCancel

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  • Tammy - Loved your photos. You have a gift of catching humans in a special way. Especially enjoyed the pictures of Nicaragua. I visited Nicaragua back in the 80’s before it became a tourist and surfing spot. Thanks for sharing!ReplyCancel

  • Santosh Venkat - Brilllllliant shots…. How do you deal with high contrast situations in harsh sunlight?ReplyCancel

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  • Jason - Photography is about telling a story, and much like the young boy spoke to you more than all the other shots that trip, the picture of Grandma and cancer striking twice spoke to me. Its important to put an explanation for each photo, so many forget to do that. Fantastic work, outlook, and inward thinking.ReplyCancel

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