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Best Photos of 2013


My friends think this is a painting but it merely a photograph of a barrel with a slow shutter speed with some early morning blues.


This image was nearly straight out of camera with minimal processing. When I saw this sunset from my studio window I grabbed my camera, 1 lens, and biked to the shore in under a minute flat.


A little off-camera light really makes this image stand out. Love the location.


I started a time-lapse / RED video project this year of Long Beach. This is one of the images from a time-lapse sequence.


My favorite image from the Port of Long Beach portrait shoot of The Long Beach Symphony Orchestra.


Some early morning light can create some absolutely out of this world colors.


There’s nothing like getting up early and shooting while the sun is coming up or sinking into the horizon.


I literally drove up to San Francisco, shoot Ryan + Corey’s wedding, came back to the hotel and edited their selects and exported them to their hard drive, all within 24 hours. What a long, long day.


Shipwrecked at Salton Sea. This is truly a unique place. I literally had to trip the shutter, run around the boat and light it from behind it along with the sides, then run back around to light Scott + Rachel.


This image won Best Photo in The Port of Long Beach Boat tour this past fall. Love this city!


This climb took us up and above Orange County, overlooking the entire city.


Nothing is better than a little hockey at Staples Center. Took this image laying flat on the ice with my 16mm Fisheye lens.

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