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Best Photos of 2012

2012 marked the year that The Los Angeles Kings won The Stanley Cup for the first time in their 45 year history. In doing so, I decided it was my fate to shoot thousands of passionate Kings fans in their Kings gear shortly thereafter. ‘The Faces of Los Angeles Kings Fans’ was 4 shoots consisting of nearly 6,000 photographs including interviews with Bob Miller and Jim Fox. Steve Raboin is one of those fans, who lost his son Tanner in April of 2011, and wanted more than anything to see the Kings win the cup one day with his son by his side. In a way, I think the Kings got a little extra help from someone up above. RIP Tanner Raboin. Don’t worry Steve, Tanner was right there celebrating with us. Channel4 interview

For some reason The Wedge just wasn’t a surf spot my friends and I ventured to often. Mainly a body surfer and body board haven, Scott left his board on the beach and we switched off shooting those brave souls who dared to ride those waves. Scotty snagged this one and it was our favorite from the day.

Sometimes the best photos of a Bride and Groom’s Wedding Day aren’t the ones that are the most eye catching shots – they are the ones that speak without words while tugging on your heart. Santa Barbara, California

I know you may not know it at first glance, but this image was taken at high noon, which the sun high and hot. A photograph like this took as much power as possible from my two Nikon speedlights and a little gust of wind from Mother Nature. Irvine, California.

No year is complete without my yearly Yosemite fix. This February marked the first time that the snow was already gone by the time we got there, but nevertheless Yosemite always has something new to see leaving you in awe each time you visit.

Waves come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. This one reminds me of a vortex. Newport Beach, California.

My favorite photograph from The Enzoani Bridal Fashion Shoot at St Regis. Monarch Beach, California.

I sent this image to Jack not more than an hour after I shot this of him. In return his fiancĂ© Lisa sent me back a video of him seeing the image… the expression on his face, the excitement. He was completely stunned. Paralyzed. At first glance this was just a shot of him out surfing with his friends at Bolsa Chica, but this was more than that to him. 99% of the time I don’t get to witness this moment when a client sees themselves in photographs that I’ve taken. In a way I wanted to say ‘Thank you’ back to him. It was a very special and heartfelt moment I was lucky enough to partake in. Huntington Beach, California.

One of my goals for 2013 is to get my print shop up and running. We have some lovely fall colors here in Southern California. This one is from October at The Wedge.

With 1 day left in Still Motion’s Big Shorts Filmmaking Challenge, Jason and I went into scramble mode and shot and edited this piece on skateboarder Kevin Booker titled Kevin Booker – No Place Like Home in under 20 hours. We won third place and got some great goodies from it. Thank you Still Motion! This visual is the last shot, and it is definitely my kind of moody image. It reminds me to push the boundaries of my own talents and try to find my own voice despite any given obstacles or challenges on a shoot. It will always be about the craft, about the story, about the vision of both the person behind the camera as well as the talent in front. Filmed in Carlsbad, California.


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