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Dying of The Light – A Look Back at 2014 in 4K

DYING OF THE LIGHT – A collection of visuals from 2014 by Chaz Curry in beautiful 4K.

Video footage filmed on a RED Dragon Epic and Scarlet at 5K and 4K
Time-lapse on a Nikon D800E + Nikon D600
All footage © Chaz Curry

Thank You’s
Matt Givot, Tonaci Tran, Job Hall, The team @ RED, Arsee Hahn, and last but not least Christopher Nolan for creating the masterpiece Interstellar.

Music: ‘Cornfield Chase’ on the Interstellar Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
by Hans Zimmer
© WaterTower Music

“I am going to give you an envelope with a letter in it. One page. It’s going to tell you the fable at the center of the story. You work for one day, then play me what you have written.”
—Christopher Nolan, on the film score composition process with Hans Zimmer

Anthony Hopkins reads Dylan Thomas
Here, actor Anthony Hopkins reads Dylan Thomas’ poem, “Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night.”