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Shot and Edited by Chaz Curry on a RED Dragon w/ Zeiss CP.2 lenses
Aerials by Brian Hawkins
Produced by Media 360 for Long Beach CVB
Big shout out to all of the talented artists who make this amazing event for Long Beach

The Port announced at the State of the Port this morning that 2017 was its busiest year ever, topping pre-recession levels. The Port moved 7.54 million twenty-foot equivalent units, an increase of more than 11%.

Filmed & Edited by Chaz Curry
Produced by Sandra Holden (Media 360)
Aerials by Mike Boidy, Nick Foss

$3 billion under construction citywide, $4 billion at the port, schools and college buildings being rebuilt, more street work in recent city history, thousands of affordable units for veterans, seniors, and families, and new retail and business projects. Thank you to our construction workers and building trades.

Shot & Edited by Chaz Curry for Mayor Robert Garcia’s 2018 State of The City
Aerials shot by Brian Hawkins and Mike Boidy
Producer: Sandra Holden (Media 360)
Executive Producers: Long Beach CVB (

Next time you’re in Long Beach, you won’t want to miss a stop at Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center’s newest feature, the Rainbow Bridge! Not only does this eye-catching bridge conveniently connect the venue’s Promenade to their Terrace Plaza, it’s also a piece of art! Each of the 3,500 LED lights can individually be programmed to create stunning light shows. This new “functional art piece” is not to be missed!

Filmed & Edited by Chaz Curry
Crane shots by Nino Buzz
Jib shots by Locke Weesner