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The Wedge // 09-07-12

Scotty and I decided to venture into the water to shoot some bodysurfers at The Wedge as well as partake in the action ourselves. Though it wasn’t a huge day, some of the sets that came rollin’ in had some serious firepower and washed us back on to the shore with the greatest of ease. Now I know how Clark Little feels.

Massive props to Scotty for shooting a ton of these snaps!

As with shooting from in the water, we took a beating to get these pictures, but shooting The Wedge takes that statement to a whole new level.

My favorite from the day shot by Scotty!

Like a baby in the womb.

Bought Scotty Boy some new fins. Welcome to The Viper club.


This dude’s face is priceless.

What up beachgoers!? Don’t think we’re not watching you, watching us.

“With a Little Help From My Friends”

Reminds me of the movie ‘Aliens.’

Bodysurfer behind the wave.

Back of the barrel.

This is what The Wedge is known for.

Blondie probably caught the most rides out of the lot. Fun day in the water indeed.

Sucked in.

From down below.

I’m not sure if there is a series of photographs of ‘The Faces of Bodysurfers at The Wedge’ but I’d be interested.

It’s a race, just not sure who won.

I don’t remember passing Scotty the camera in exchange for shooting my ass, but I can live with this.