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New Years Eve Surfing // Sunset Beach

Sean Collins, who created, whose forecasts and real-time views of beaches reach 1.5 million surfers a week, died onView full post »

My Top Photos From 2011

Judging from my Lightroom catalog, here are my photo totals for 2011: Weddings & engagements: 42,060 Surfing: 4,859 (2311 of those areView full post »

“Yosemite In Winter” w/ BetaWolf’s ‘Afraid of The Dark’

“Yosemite In Winter” Footage shoot & edited by CHAZ CURRY BETAWOLF “Afraid of The Dark” from their new albumView full post »

LA Kings Mobile Phone Wallpaper

Click here to download the LA Kings logo wallpaper pack. Related posts: The Faces of Los Angeles Kings Fans iPhone 5 WallpaperView full post »

Jorge & Natasha // Engagement

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The Way a Wedding is Suppose To Go

When the kids are pulling it off better than the adults, all hell has broken loose. Related posts: Kyle & Kim / WeddingView full post »

Ryan & Michelle // Wedding

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Nick Sickelton // Artist

Nick Sickelton is a very versatile designer, with capabilities and experience in photography, illustration, typography, branding, motionView full post »

Surfing // Salt Creek 11-14-11

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Moss & Rock // Fashion Shoot

Female Model: Summer Abdel-Khaliq Male Model: Kyle Weinstock Photographer/Editor: Chaz Curry Hair: David Dang Makeup Artist:View full post »

Scott & Jessica

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Before & After

Thought I’d share some of the images from my archives that look nothing like the original. As a photographer that started from wayView full post »

Logo Design By Nick Sickleton

From the mind of Nick Sickelton: This project was a personal favorite of mine. A very talented friend by the name of Chaz Curry approachedView full post »

Surfing // Newport Beach 10-27-11

Sunrise was absolutely gorgeous. Zero clouds. Clean. High tide swooped in around 8am and was a full force for the entire session. The waterView full post »

Audible Mainframe “Ready To Fly” Music Video

I haven’t spoke much about my girlfriend being a recent survivor of cancer, its kind of a sensitive topic. But when the band’sView full post »

Nick & Danni

Filming and editing by: CHAZ CURRY Filmed on a Nikon D3s w/ various lenses. Edited in Final Cut Pro, Adobe After Effects,View full post »

2011 Enzoani Runway Fashion Event

ENZOANI July 18th – July 20th Newport Beach, CA Video shot & edited by CHAZ CURRY Shot on aView full post »

Kevin & Shirley // Engagement

Shirley really packed a punch, er, kick! First time homebuyers! Related posts: Surfing // Newport Beach –View full post »

Surfing // Newport Beach – 8/17/2011

Good day at Newport, I must say. Every time I turned around old dude was cruisin' by on a new wave. My favorite shot Dylan snapped fromView full post »

Surfing // Salt Creek – 8/12/2011

Talent in the water: Scott Poupis & Kurt Slanaker Related posts: Surfing // Salt Creek – June 8th, 2011 SurfingView full post »

Surfing // Salt Creek – 8/10/2011

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Afternoon Surfing // Strands Beach – 8/5/2011

Talent in the water: Scott Poupis & Kurt Slanaker Related posts: Surfing // Salt Creek – 8/12/2011 Surfing //View full post »

Deonte & Danielle // Laguna Beach

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Chase & Ashley // Wedding

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Aaron & Vanessa // Union Station (Engagement)

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Chad & Alicia // Engagement @ The Park

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24 Gorgeous Yosemite iPhone Wallpapers

Click here to download the Yosemite iPhone wallpaper pack. All photographs taken by Chaz Curry. Feel free to distribute them amongstView full post »

Gary & Amy // Stop Motion Video

Filmed & Edited by Chaz Curry Edited in Lightroom and Final Cut Pro Related posts: Audible Mainframe // Behind The Scenes PhotoView full post »

Nicaragua Surf Trip 2011

Scotty boy spreadin’ out like an eagle, Nicaragua in all its’ glory. Street lights? Um, no. Thank God for our iPhones to helpView full post »

Surfing // Salt Creek – June 8th, 2011

Ultra cold day in the water today. I’d love to blame it on the simple fact that I just got back from Nicaragua where the water is soView full post »

Strands Beach // A few shots of some waves

If you live anywhere here in Southern California, what the hell are you doing inside surfing the web on a day like today!? Get out andView full post »

RIP Tanner Raboin

Whether you’re a close friend of mine, a coworker, or a client, you probably already know that I love hockey. And I especially loveView full post »

Yosemite Video // February 2011

Filmed & Edited By CHAZ CURRY Original Score Composed By SHAWN LYON Photo Equipment: Nikon D3s Nikon 14-24mm Nikon 16-35mm NikonView full post »

Yosemite Photos // February 2011

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Behind The Scenes w/ Mary Myers of Novella Royale

Mary Myers of Novella Royale just released a clothing line in addition to her badass handbag and purses. Mary supplied the music andView full post »

Surf Photography Interview //

Chase Miller recently got in touch with me to do an interview on my surf photography. Here’s a link to the article. How did youView full post »