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My Top 10 From 2010

Huntington State Beach, California // 11-02-2010 Huntington State Beach, California // 11-02-2010 South Carlsbad // 01-29-2010 –View full post »

Westerly TV || STONE COLD FOX (video)

The lovely ladies from Stone Cold Fox came to pull their favorite Westerly Looks for holiday. Gotta love their style! Happy Holidays fromView full post »

Yosemite // December 2010

Jim and I knew the night before heading up to Yosemite what this 4 day trip would bring: rain, rain, and more rain. But sometimes theseView full post »

Grant & Stephanie // Engagement Pt. 1

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P/U Hockey Game @ Staples Center (Before Kings VS Panthers)

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Teen Event @ Rococo || Free People Trunk Show

Filmed & Edited By Chaz Curry (Alatheia on the camera as well!) Camera used: Nikon D3 Lenses used include: Nikon 24mm 1.4G, NikonView full post »

Surfing // Newport Beach Oceanfront

I only made it out for sunset today but what a sunset it was! Related posts: Surfing // Newport Beach 10-27-11 Surfing // NewportView full post »

Joshua & Monica

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Audible Mainframe G.L.O. // Album Release in Japan

I may be a bit late to this party, but Audible Mainframe released an album in Japan with Goon Trax / Media Factory a few months ago andView full post »

December 2010 Giveaway!

What better way to celebrate my surfing photos from South Carlsbad being featured on the back of the iLife ’11 boxes along withView full post »

Sunny Kim // Artist

Laguna Beach is well know for it’s popular art scene including the Sawdust Art Festival and Pageant of The Masters. Sunny Kim, theView full post »

Surfing // Huntington State Beach

Some solid NW swell came rolling into So Cal today. Despite the long lull between sets, shoulder to head high sets were quite fun. TodayView full post »

Dave & Norelle

* If you haven’t done so already, now would be a good time to check out NorelleView full post »

Photobuzz // Photography Gallery

A friend just recently told me he saw one of my Yosemite photos on a photobuzz. I hadn’t heard of this website before now, but I haveView full post »

Aaron & Jinny

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Attika 7 // Uproar Festival

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Eric & Haley

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Surfing // Good To Be Back In The Water!

Spending 3 months living out of a hotel in Cupertino really exposes what you miss back at home. The last time I was in the water shootingView full post »

Jonny & Katy

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Tammy & Deb

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Camping In Sequoia

Filmed by Chaz Curry on a Nikon D3s Edited in Final Cut Pro, Motion, and Color Lenses include: Nikon 50mm 1.4G Nikon 105mm macro NikonView full post »

24mm Lens Verdict!

Let me say this: I love my new 24mm! Superb glass all the way around. Tact sharp even in low light while shooting all the way open. TheseView full post »

David & Laura

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Aaron & Jinny // Engagement Session

Let me say this: breaking into the El Toro Marine Base (which has been closed for many years) to simply shoot some engagement photos is wayView full post »

From Still Photographer to DP – a quick list to get you thinking film!

So you’re a photographer and finally got yourself a Canon 7D or Canon Rebel like every other schmuck on the planet and thinkView full post »

Lucky & Rachel

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Chester Bennington // American Cancer Society Relay For Life

// Filmed by Chaz Curry on a Nikon D3s on a Canon 7D. // Edited by Chaz Curry in Final Cut Pro and Color. Relay For LifeView full post »

Eric & Haley // Old Towne Orange

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Surfing // Salt Creek Afternoon Session

Big day in the water. 3-5 ft waves with an evening cloud cover that had me saying “moody as fuck” after every shot. Around 5:30pm we hadView full post »

Dave & Norelle Hit Up The Roller Rink

No video engagement shoot would be complete without lacing up a pair roller skates accompanied by a crude pack of fake mustaches! //View full post »

Yosemite In February (video)

// Filmed on my new Nikon D3s w/ various Nikon lenses, mainly the 14-24mm and 70-200mm. // Edited in Final Cut Pro, image adjustments doneView full post »

Yosemite In February

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The Other Church

Americas most wanted Violent Crooner is coming your way. And yes, his name is Church. Get your daily dose of Churchisms here:View full post »

Surfing // Newport Beach Jetties

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Beta Wolf // Undertow Acoustic

// Laguna Beach, California // Filmed by Chaz Curry on a Canon 7D w/ various Canon lenses // Edited in Final Cut Pro, image adjustmentsView full post »

Surfing // South Carlsbad

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