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iPhone 6 Wallpapers by Chaz Curry

The iPhone 6+ renders internally at a virtual resolution of 2208×1242, then samples that down for display at 1920×1080 (the same as using a scaled resolution on a Retina MacBook). These 5 wallpapers are not intended for resale or redistribution. Download and enjoy. =)

* Click on each photo to download to your camera roll

Carma_Array_Chaz_Curry The_Wedge_Sunrise_Light_Chaz_Curry Yosemite_Half_Dome_Chaz_Curry Morning_Blues_Wave_Chaz_Curry Mono_Lake_Chaz_Curry


Carma Array
The Wedge
Salt Creek
Mono Lake

On Tuesday, June 26th, 2012, I was one of thirty filmmakers spread throughout Yosemite National Park to create this portrait of the park and the people who visit and work there.

For the first time in a long time my yearly February Yosemite visit ended without any snowfall or downpour. Nothing. Nada. You can imagine the disappointment written on my face as we headed home back to LA. But that’s just it, Mother Nature is always in charge, and you have to respect that.

In a way, good photographers are not lucky; they are storm chasers and light catchers. Seeking out the angry weather and only shooting when the best light rears its’ head.

This year I did something new: each image is comprised of only 1 exposure. In the past, I have always bracketed my shots, which means to take the same photograph at different changes in exposure. Some lighter, some darker.

The older I get the more I have learned to slow down and let the image in front of my lens dictate how I should capture it.